There is nothing like a good feast!
Our spirits are hungry for the Word of God.
But sometimes, if we are honest, we find it hard to make time to feed ourselves properly, let alone have something to share with others!
So why not take time to study the Bible chronologically and discover for yourself the truths that transform individuals and nations.

You will learn skills to interpret the Bible accurately (remember all those questions you have while reading the Bible?); to approach difficult passages (does that passage really line up with who God says He is?). You will find out that God hasn’t changed His character between the Old and the New Testaments as you explore the history of God with man and see that you too are a part of that amazing story and God wants to make history with you!! Yes, you!!

So, once you are full – you will not just keep all those wonderful treasures to yourself but you will be coached in teaching them to others – starting with your own classmates! Then whilst on outreach you will have the opportunity to be part of teaching seminars to community leaders in places that have limited access to Bible training. And you can be God’s tool to help bring transformation to those remote communities whether in the Pacific islands or in Asia.

If this is for you, sign up now and don’t miss this awesome opportunity to come to God’s own banqueting table and feast on His Word!

Course Duration
Lecture Phase:
September 2024
Outreach Phase:
December 2024

Course Cost
Lecture Phase –  $NZ 5,275
Outreach Phase – $NZ 2,500 ground fees, not including airfare/transport.

You can check out  to see more general information about the course.

If you want to know more specific information regarding Course Content, Schedule and Mode of Delivery,  please connect with us via the online form provided and click “submit”.

We look forward to diving deep in God’s Word with you!

Gain tools to study and interpret the Bible

Develop a Biblical worldview

Learn to Communicate what you learn in a relevant and cross-cultural way

Former Student Testimony

“I grew up thinking the Bible was boring and hard to understand. Doing a BSN showed me that the Bible has the ability to transform people’s hearts and minds and that it is the exciting story of God redeeming his people to himself.” (Sherie)

Gain a chronological overview of the bible

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