April 2020 Presence DTS - Crossroads

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The Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) is designed for people standing at a crossroads in their lives, for those who are seeking spiritual renewal, inspiration, or just a new direction in life. It is for people who long to know God’s heart, to hear his voice in increasing measure, and to walk in increasing spiritual authority.
You will find yourself interacting with speakers, staff, and students who come from different careers, cultures and perspectives other than your own. God uses this cross-pollination of ideas and experiences to broaden your view of what He has in mind for you.
The Crossroads DTS is open to all generations in addition to being formatted to meet the needs of adults ages 30 and over – singles, couples, and families with children.

This five-month course has a 12-week classroom phase followed by an 8-week field assignment (outreach). The first 12 weeks of the school is in-reach development. This is designed for you to have time alone with God, interact with a small group and participate in dynamic lectures where we focus on training and equipping the students through providing sound theological teaching given by speakers from New Zealand and across the world to share teaching on a range of topics such as, understanding God as a communicator(how to hear His voice), the trinity of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), Coram Deo (before the face of God, intimacy with Him) missions & evangelism (learning to live and communicate cross-culturally)

We want to equip you to reach the lost, care for the poor and needy and convey Jesus’ message to a world who needs to know Him. Come alongside others who have similar goals and vision, learn together and sharpen one another as you serve God’s purposes. As students, you will get the opportunity to experience what sonship looks like in the context of YWAM’s mandate and mission.

Education does not just take place in the classroom. The live-learn training philosophy of the Crossroads DTS is based on having an environment where students, staff, teachers and families eat, study, work, and play in close proximity for maximized learning and mentoring opportunities.

Students will also be engaged in processing groups, one on ones with staff members, work duties, love feasts, intercession, assignments and projects, worship and practicing how to be difference makers through participating in various ministries.

It’s a unique opportunity to know God more personally, increase in Christian character, and to become involved in missions.

Learn how to serve God and others through evangelism , intercession , mutual aid and other expressions.

Understand the biblical truth through the study of the Bible, the work of the Holy Spirit and personal applications.

Learning to work together , despite our cultures, our personalities and our very different perspectives.

We want to engage people in their life stories, to be fully engaged and present. We want to engage people by demonstrating the heart of the Father who loves them unconditionally.

This DTS experience will definitely be a transformational journey in every way thinkable.

We invite you to be revived and refreshed spiritually and experience healing and restoration of the heart, body and spirit to go deeper in your walk with God.

Come and be challenged and inspired and continue to grow in the call of God upon your life. CDTS is for you, whether you are being called into missions long term or a missionary disciple where He has placed you.

You can partake in helping to establish His Kingdom and fulfil His mandate by drawing closer to God in any season of life. Renew your vision. Strengthen your faith. Change the world. This is the invitation that God is presenting to you.

Come join us for this great adventure in seeing God’s purpose and His Kingdom established on the earth. This is His invitation. This is His desire. This is His command. Matthew 28:19-20


About the School Leaders Rex and Annie Lynch

We desire to walk in the fullness of sonship, love well and minister out of intimacy with the Father, and share that with others. Our hearts are passionate to see revival on this earth, the fire of God’s love burning around the globe, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, and to encourage, train, mentor and send those with like hearts to the nations.

We have been in ministry for over 28 years together. For the past 5 years, we have had the privilege of leading a Crossroads discipleship training school out of Oxford, New Zealand. Additionally, we have served on staff with the same school along with  A and B schools for Father Heart Ministries based in Taupo, New Zealand. Before our current adventure, we have journeyed in many facets of the kingdom, including but not limited to pastoral ministry (church staff), worship pastor, church planting, senior pastors, YWAM (Youth with a Mission) School Leaders and overseas/cross cultural ministry.

Cross Cultural Ministry:

  • England • Wales • Hungary • Germany • Bulgaria • Lebanon • Turkey • Azerbaijan • South Africa • Mozambique • Thailand • Cambodia • Viet Nam • Cook Islands • South Korea • Philippines • Japan • China • New Zealand • Barbados • Antigua • Canada